Svansele Wilderness Camp

Svansele, Skellefteå

Svansele Wilderness Camp is a place for fast-paced activities, kick-off, conference and team building, but above all else, it’s the home of peace and quiet. With space for 1-116 people to spend the night this place is suitable for both small as well as large groups.

The camp has many permanent activity stations such as axe throwing, lassoing dart blowing etc. There is really no limit to what activities we can supply, add 4-wheel driving, snowmobiling, skeet shooting or make your own suggestions of activity. We tailor the experience for you, with you.

The Wilderness Camp has no electricity or tap water. The only light source is a total of over 100 torches spread along the paths, which gives a magical atmosphere when night comes. End the evening with hot sauna and bath. Sitting in a hot tub under the open sky, looking at the stars, is incredibly soothing. Still not ready to relax? Try the ice-covered wooden slide, you land in another hot(or cold) wooden tub. Right next to it we prepare an open hole in the ice of a small creek that flows past.

After the softening bath and relaxing sauna, you feast on a late-night dinner and have some water to re-hydrate. You then fall asleep in warm sleeping bags on top of reindeer skins. The sound of the open fire in the large cabins or stoves in the small gently lulls you to sleep. Those who need more traditional style accommodation may ride back to Svansele and spend the night in Knutes Hotel with all its amenities.


  • Public swimming area
  • Family campsite - occasional age restriction
  • Open all year round