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Lövångergården restaurant

Lövånger, Skellefteå

Lövångergården's restaurant is primarily a lunch restaurant, open every weekday 11-14.

Here we serve lunch buffet, always with at least three different dishes, always vegetarian as an obvious alternative, a large and fresh salad buffet every day as well as coffee and cake after dinner. We attach great importance to sustainability work and work exclusively with Swedish meat and Swedish chicken. To the extent possible, we also use as much locally produced as possible, and we serve climate-compensated and organic coffee.

The restaurant is also open for private events, conferences, parties, social events, sandwich cakes, weddings, etc.

Lövångergården and Lövånger Kyrkstad have a strong background in weddings. Lövångergården is in close proximity to the beautiful Lövånger Church and to get married there and then walk 300 meters down to the large, beautiful wedding venue at Lövångergården issomething that is very much appreciated by many. Then, to let their guests stay in the charming church town where the bridal couple themselves obviously live in the bridal house is the icing on the cake at a fantastic wedding.

We offer a sustainable dining experience

We use local ingredients and products from Fermenteriet, Bryggverket, Kallholmen, FruktUlriceberg, Vallbacka gård, Edgården, Svedjans Ost, Kräkångers ekogård, Kent Sjöstedt fisk, Norrlands Fruktvin and Västerbottens Ost. We use sustainability certified raw materials / products. We only use meat from Sweden and all our seafood are certified with MSC, ASC and / or KRAV marking. We’re replacing our disposable items with more sustainable alternatives and we’re working to reduce food waste. You will find our menu in more languages than Swedish.  

Sustainability is about not making a greater impact on the climate than necessary. To always have climate impact and sustainability in mind in everything we do. Simple examples: do not let water flush for longer than necessary, take care of all raw materials and do not throw away any food, sort everything and do not cheat, clean with more water and less chemicals. Etc. Sustainability is also very much about a socially sustainable society for us. Where everyone can participate and contribute in their own way in our workplace. Everyone should get a chance and everyone can contribute something. Sustainability is also about leaving a better Earth to our grandchildren than we were born into. We are so intelligent today that we must be able to develop the earth forward instead of destroying it.

Contact information

Kungsvägen 31
93261 Lövånger
Phone: +46-91310203


Opening hours

  1. Today07:00-09:00
  2. Monday07:00-14:00
  3. Tuesday07:00-14:00
  4. Wednesday07:00-14:00
  5. Thursday07:00-14:00
  6. Friday07:00-14:00
  7. Saturday07:00-09:00

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Monday-Friday 11am - 2pm

Price information

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Lunch buffet in Lövångergården's restaurant

Always at least three different dishes and always vegetarian options. Always Swedish meat and Swedish chicken and 100% climate-compensated coffee.

Large and super-fresh salad buffet.

Coffee and hard cake after dinner.

Public transportation


Lövångergården is a company that was started in May 2019.
Lövångergården works hard with sustainability work and wants to be an obvious part of Lövångerborn's everyday life and be able to help with everything the guests demand.


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From the E4, take off in Lövånger, signs for Lövånger Kyrkstad. Drive 600 meters through Lövånger. You will find Lövånger church town on the left. After the cottage village turn left.