Taste of Burträsk

BURTRÄSK, Skellefteå

Go on a day tour through the stunning countryside with stops at farms, the Västerbottensost Visitor Centre, and Edelvik’s Garden. The farms employ organic and animal-friendly practices to ensure the best possible flavours. A tasteful and climate-smart option.


10:00 Edelvik’s Garden
Presentation on the creation of Edelvik’s garden. A food garden with its own bakery that produces for the garden café. Coffee/tea served with biscuits.  You will also get a tour of Edelvik Manor and hear about its history.  

12:00 Järvtjärn’s outdoor pig farm
Home to a drove of happy outdoor-reared pigs. The farm is run by the Jonsson family and engages in small-scale production with a focus on health and the environment. The way the pigs are reared makes them tame and they will gladly approach visitors.
The Jonsson family will serve a tray of various self-produced delicacies made from the farm’s delectable meats while you listen to a presentation of the family business’ history. Beverages are included.

14:30 Renbergsvattnet dairy farm
A modern, KRAV-certified dairy farm with around 65 dairy cows. The farm has been owned by the family since the 17th century. The farmyard is also home to the world’s smallest farm store, Lill Einars, which is an attraction in itself. During the visit, you will get a glimpse into what it means to be a large, sustainable farm and the requirements placed on the equipment and owners.

16:00 Västerbottensost Visitor Centre
As the cherry on top of the tour, we stop at the Västerbottensost Visitor Centre to hear about the history of the dairy recounted by a knowledgeable guide. We also view a visual history of the dairy in the museum. In addition to this, you will get to taste some exclusive Västerbottensost cheese. You can also buy a piece of the delicious cheese over the counter. To top it all off, you will be served some Västerbottensost cheese pie with a filling of salmon or air-cured ham.

17:30 Burträsk Saluhall indoor market
A co-operative of local food producers. In the market you will find high-quality products from the area, such as meat, fish, cheeses, and breads. Bring a cooler bag and buy a few locally produced delicacies. You can also taste-test some local products at the market.  

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Open for reservation 1 June - 31 August.