A cultural walk in the land of legends and stories

Burträsk, Skellefteå

A storytelling walk around beautiful Burträsket lake where we hear about the area’s famous people as well as events and myths about the area, such as the myth that Burträsk’s inhabitants have hair under their feet. We are also guided through the Västerbottensost Visitor Centre and get to taste-test some cheese and eat homemade Västerbottensost cheese pie.


10:00 Edelvik’s Garden
We meet at grand Edelvik where we hear the exciting story of the manor house built in 1817 by Gustav Fahlander, later ennobled with the new name Edelstam. Today it is an adult education centre with a verdant garden, café and cultural scene in the summer.

11:00 Västerbottensost Visitor Centre
We will, of course, visit Burträsk’s royally inaugurated Västerbottensost Visitor Centre where we will hear the story – recounted by a knowledgeable guide – of how the cheese was born. We also view a visual history of the dairy in the museum. In addition to this, you will get to taste some exclusive Västerbottensost cheese. You can also buy a piece of the delicious cheese over the counter. We end the tour by eating some Västerbottensost cheese pie with a filling of salmon or air-cured ham. 

12:30 Award-winning storyteller Per-Erik Wikström’s homestead
We then take the road to award-winning storyteller Per-Erik Wikström’s homestead in Risnäs, where we hear the engrossing story of the sinking of Albertina House in Burträsket lake. It was Per-Erik’s grandfather who tried to move the house across the iced-over Burträsket lake. His art studio will be open during the visit. Per-Erik will be your cicerone throughout the tour.  

13:30 Bergviken arts and crafts
We continue on to Bergviken, where couple Rose-Marie and Martin Karlsson welcome visitors to their farm with an art studio and beautiful garden. You will hear the myths about the wights and the great stone where they were believed to live, as well as the occasional ghost story. You will also find out why the inhabitants of Burträsk are said to have hair under their feet. During this stop, you will be able to enjoy a good cup of coffee and a snack in the beautiful farm setting.

15:00 Henning Sjöström’s birthplace
Our next stop is the farm in Bergviken where Henning Sjöström was born. We will hear about the life of one of Burträsk’s great sons.

15:30 Ulrika Eleonora Lindström’s homestead
We end the tour in Skarviken at the homestead of Ulrika Eleonora Lindström, the creator of Västerbottenost cheese, and hear more about her work and thrilling destiny.

Return home at around 16:00.