Hiking - Nasaleden


Length: 82 kilometres, comprising eight shorter sections

Route: Forsbacka – Glommersträsk

Start: At Forsbacka, Glommersträsk or at any of the shorter sections. Check the map or the internet for information.

Description: The trail offers the opportunity to hike through varying terrain and natural settings, passing through many charming small villages. The total difference in altitude is 250 metres.

Good to know: There are a number of rest stops along the trail, some of which are equipped with benches and tables, barbecue sites and wind shelters. Some of the villages offer accommodation for overnight stays.

Points of interest: The calypso orchid, the bridge of Skidträskåbron, Lill-Järven’s skiing museum in Granbergsträsk and the log roads around the Pottbäcken stream.

Responsible for the trail: Nasaledens intresseförening, Skellefteådelen.

More information: www.skelleftea.se/vandring | www.nasaleden.com

Map: Nasaleden

All hiking trails:  Skellefteå Kommun

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Have you seen anything on the trail that requires attention? Please contact the organisation responsible, or visit our website: www.skelleftea.se/kontakt  +46 (0)910 73 50 00