Hiking - Furuögrundsleden


Length: 10 kilometres

Route: Kolviken, Furuögrund – Byske Havsbad

Start: At Kolviken, to the south of Furuögrund, or Byske Havsbad.

Description: The Furuögrund Trail runs through a scenic natural setting along the coastline. It extends over hilly terrain with a few short, steep sections.

Good to know: There are a number of rest stops and wind shelters, and the trail is also boarded, providing the entire route with good access. There is a summertime café at the marina in Furuögrund, which also provides an alternative starting point for the trail. 

Points of interest: The tide gauge dating from 1914, which manually measures sea levels and is located to the north of the summer café.


Responsible for the trail: Furuögrunds intresseförening and Ytterstfors byaförening.

More information: www.skelleftea.se/vandring . www.nasaleden.com

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