Hiking - Mineralleden


Length: 16 kilometres.

Route: Skellefteå – Varuträsk.

Start: At the start of the electrically lit trail at Vitberget, Skellefteå or at Skellefteå Adventure Park.

Description: The trail offers the opportunity to hike through many changing environments and landscapes. Crossing small village paths it takes you through farmland, young pine forests and thick mixed forest, fens and wetlands, clearings and across natural flat rocks.

Good to know: There are a number of rest stops along the trail, some of which are equipped with benches and tables, barbecue sites and wind shelters.

Points of interest: The beautiful river of Klintforsån with the old sawmill at Stämningsgården.

Responsibility for the trail: Varuträsk IF

More information: www.skelleftea.se/vandring


Have you seen anything on the trail that requires attention? Please contact the organisation responsible, or visit our website: www.skelleftea.se/kontakt +46 (0)910 73 50 00

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