CLOSED! Små! Då!

Skellefteå museum, Skellefteå

The exhibition is closed due to covid-19 and the restrictions put on Västerbotten.

Små! Då! is an exhibition full of photographs of children from our collections, of different ages and from different times. See snapshots from everyday life: bathing in the bathtub, playing in the snow, riding a bicycle, cuddling with pets and playing football with friends. You will also find well-groomed and well-dressed children posing for the camera - some happier than others.

Maybe you see someone you recognize, or simply want to show your children how children have looked through the ages. Whatever the reason Små! Då! is a photo exhibition that gives you a smile on your face.

Did you know? You can see the entire exhibition online by clicking here!

Contact information

Phone: +46-910735510

Organizer: Skellefteå museum