SHELTER - Virtual escape to reality

Exploratoriet Skellefteå Science Center, Skellefteå
|Translated by Google translation|

70.8 million are currently fleeing conflicts and natural disasters in the world. Of these, 29 million are children. With us you will be accompanied on a virtual trip to three parts of the world where families have taken refuge in more or less permanent emergency housing in camps that have gradually formed new communities. The visitors are invited to a tent provided by the aid organization Shelterbox - the tent contains details such as sleeping places and other equipment that is often found. With the help of VR, visitors can for a while end up in different places. for example, in a classroom or at a family home.

We will raise and disseminate knowledge about the children's conversation in connection with the exhibition, because as you know, happy, eager and experimental children are the best the Exploratory knows.

The exhibition has recently been pulled down from Tom Tits and now the Exploratorium has the opportunity to put it up! In connection with the exhibition we also offer workshops intheme.

By experiencing, experimenting and exploring together in this exhibition, a greater understanding of various human fate is created and you gain perspective on the chaste existence we live in this country.

The exhibition is on display at the Exploratorium from February to May 2020.

The actors behind the exhibition: Architects Without Borders, Common Ground Pictures and Solaris Film Production.