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It is a winding hike of nearly 40 kilometres between churches in Skellefteå and Burträsk. The trail has its roots in the fact that the first church was built in Skellefteå in the 14th century. At the time, Burträsk was part of Skellefteå Parish and people living in Burträsk had no other option but to walk to the church services at the country church in Skellefteå. In a way, you can still sense their struggles when you walk the Kyrkstigen trail today.

Length: 40 kilometres 

Route: Skellefteå - Burträsk

Start: You can choose to start at one of the churches – Skellefteå landsförsamlingskyrka or Burträsk kyrka – or at one of the villages that the trail passes. Check the website and choose whichever suits you best.

Description: The church path follows the old route between the churches in Skellefteå and Burträsk where you experience varied nature and other nature experiences. The trail is marked with poles with the Church Trail symbol. In some places there are signs that tell about sights.

Good to know: Rest stops with log-built wind shelters and benches are situated along the trail. If you want to stay overnight, there is the log-built “Krypladan” hay barn, close to the junction between the trail and Brännvattsvägen. During the summer, there is a café at Renbergsvattnet.

Points of interest: The natural spring in Burträsk, Wilhelm Peterson-Berger’s childhood home in Åbyn-Burträsk, and the  bridge of Lejonström in Skellefteå. You can also pay a visit to the churches.

Responsible for the trail:  Föreningen Kyrkstigen

More information: www.skelleftea.se/vandring www.renbergsvattnet.se

Map: Kyrkstigen 

All hiking trails:  Skellefteå Kommun

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Please contact the organisation responsible, or visit our website: www.skelleftea.se/kontakt +46 (0)910 73 50 00