Hiking - Naturstigen


Length: 5 kilometres

Route:  A circuit around the Vitberget area of central Skellefteå.

The car park at the start of Vitberget’s electrically lit trail.

Description: The path follows undulating terrain with a few short, steep sections. The nature trail wants to show both simple information about the forest's diversity and more special properties in the old, perhaps 100 years untouched forest. Along this path near the city center, you should be able to experience some of what we can normally see only in more difficult-to-access natural forests. We want to show some areas with untouched nature.

Good to know: The trail includes rest stops, wind shelters and information about the landscape, geology and culture.

Points of interest: The old forest of great natural value, just before the large wind shelter on the northern part of the trail.

Responsible for the trail:  Skellefteå Naturskydds-förening 

More information: www.skelleftea.se/vandring 

Map: Naturstigen 

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Have you seen anything on the trail that requires attention?

Please contact the organisation responsible, or visit our website: www.skelleftea.se/kontakt or call +46 (0)910 73 50 00