Hiking - Linnéstigen


Length: 2 kilometres

Route:  Strömsholm, Bureå – Holmsjön, Bureå

At the car park, approx. 400 metres north of Strömsholmsvägen.

Description: The trail follows the Bure River to the lake at Bursjön and on towards the Holmsjön lake. The natural environment comprises mostly pine and fir forests, also passing over streams and natural flat stone slabs. You can choose to follow a gravel path to get back to the car park from Holmsjön, which will increase the length of the route to 3.5 km.

Good to know: There are a number of well-situated barbecue sites along the trail, three of which have wind shelters.

Points of interest: Here you will see the most commonly found berries in the region’s forests, as well as many different plants, such as wild rosemary, Arctic starflower, linnaea and lily of the valley. At the end of the trail at Holmsjön there is a tower for birdwatching.

Responsible for the trail:  Bureälvens nedre fiskevårds-områdesförening

More information: www.skelleftea.se/vandring.

Map: Linnéstigen 

All hiking trails:  Skellefteå Kommun

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Have you seen anything on the trail that requires attention?

Please contact the organisation responsible, or visit our website: www.skelleftea.se/kontakt +46 (0)910 73 50 00