Bokstavsbyrån - Norrlandsoperan CANCELED

Hall Nordanå, Skellefteå

 Bokstavsbyrån - Norrlandsoperan CANCELED

Compound words get their own lives and suddenly the words are danced to a lovely song! Disco ... and ball ... disco ... and tail ... disco and DANCE become disco dance! The audience participates and sounds and helps with different words.

Following the performance is a dance workshop with play and movement-based exercises.

The letter office is based on the curriculum. The performance complements ordinary reading and writing teaching, through aesthetic learning processes and live performing arts.

In a playful context with the help of dance art, we take hold of imagination, play and movement to work in a lively way with children's language development.

Arr: Skellefteå municipality

Price information


Tickets are purchased at Skellefteå Tourist Center tel. 0910 - 45 25 15, or at

The tickets cost 60: - plus. service fee



For children 6-7 years
Duration of the show 45 minutes