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Skellefteå National Assembly was formed in the early 1300s as an outbreak of Bygdeå parish. The parish was large and also included Piteå, Lövånger, Burträsk and Norsjö.

The country church is located about 1 kilometer west of Skellefteå town. The first wooden church at the site was probably erected in the 1330s and, according to the County Administrative Board in Västerbotten, was replaced by a larger one. In 1485, the foundation for a new stone church, which was inaugurated in 1507, was laid, and in 1793 the Ostrobothnian builder Jacob Rijf began a rebuilding inaugurated in 1800.

The land church is said to be one of the largest land churches in Sweden. The exterior of the church is virtually unchanged, but the interior of the church has changed in many ways.

The grand cross church, which rests on a rustic bed of timber and is in neoclassical style, has room for 600 seated.

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