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Burträsk Experience Center

Burträsk, Skellefteå

Do you want to experience Västerbottensost® cheese with all your senses? Then come to our Visitor Centre in Burträsk.
The history of Västerbottensost® cheese goes all the way back to 1872 when dairymaid Ulrika Eleonora Lindström created the legendary recipe. According to the legend, a suitor disturbed her while she was working and it took longer than it should have to curdle the milk. And it is this love story that created Västerbottensost cheese. We can only retell the legend, not whether there’s any truth to it...

But there is no doubt that Västerbottensost® cheese has a long and legendary history. The exhibition in Burträsk gives you exciting insight into both the history of Västerbottensost® cheese and the mystery that surrounds the unique taste.

Guided tours are offered daily and at the café you can enjoy something good to eat as well as buy a tasty piece of Västerbottensost® cheese at a good price.

Contact information

Kamvägen 12
937 31 Burträsk
Phone: +46-914795101


Opening hours

  1. Today10:00-16:00
  2. Wednesday10:00-16:00
  3. Thursday10:00-16:00
  4. Friday10:00-16:00
  5. Saturday10:00-16:00
  6. Sunday10:00-16:00
  7. Monday10:00-16:00

Price information

Free admission to the Visitor Centre. 

Guided tours every day at 11:00 & 14:00. 

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