Norrland championship sport driving - CANCELED

Burträsk, Skellefteå

Norrland championship sport driving - CANCELED

Welcome to take part in fast-paced competitions with demands for high precision and control.

In sport driving, you compete with horse or pony in four teams, pairs and monoliths. The sports run, like the field competition, has three sub-tests - dressage, marathon and precision.

The Norrland Championship is open to teams competing for clubs from Gävleborgs, Mittsvenskas, Västerbottens- and Norrbottens Ridsportförbund

The NM consists of two championships, NM for seniors and for J / YR (driver up to 21 years). YR / J can choose to run against the seniors.


Contact information

Visit Skellefteå
Villvattnet 112
937 95 Burträsk
Phone: +46-702495388

Organizer: Norrlandsmästerskap i sportkörning



The one who has the least penalty points. 

If two or more equipages have the same penalty points, the one with the least penalty points in the dressage will be placed before. If this is also the same, the equipage will be equally placed.
If you are excluded in one or a part, you must not be included in the result list for NM.

NM is performed for two / three days at full competition

The NM classes must be open to teams from clubs other than those participating in the championship, so a separate result list must be drawn up for those who are part of the championship.

In order for the NM sign to be distributed, at least 3 starts are required.