3 top swimming spots in Burträsk, Kalvträsk and surroundings

Burträsk, Skellefteå

There are plenty of swimming spots in and around the Burträsk and Kalvträsk area. Probably more than you imagine. Some with gorgeous sandy beaches, others with sun-drenched jetties or rocks. But all of them with fresh water to take a dip in. Keep a lookout for the bathing signs and blue glitter.
In the middle of Burträsket, along Långnäs bluff, lies Västerbotten’s longest sandy beach. The magnificent sandy beach, which stretches more than 500 metres, is child-friendly and suitable for all kinds of beach activities, including beach volleyball and water games. Another plus is that the water at the bathing area is relatively shallow. Welcome to the pearl of Burträsket lake!

The beach in Kalvträsk, or ‘PP Beach’ as it is known by the locals, is a family-friendly bathing area with a jetty, sauna, swings, barbecue area and changing rooms. Follow the lovely beachside promenade from Vildmarkscampen or continue on to Kalvträsk centre. Swimming floats, fishing boats, and canoes can also be rented here.
Visit Bygdsiljum's popular lakeshore, shallow sandy beach and high-quality bathing water. Feel the sand between your toes as you walk far out into the refreshing water. On a warm day, you can laze around in the water for a really long time, and you will feel both more alert and more relaxed when you leave.


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