Hiking - Risböle Fäbodstig


Length: 9 kilometers 

Route: Bäckån - Risböle cottage, Storön

Start: In the village of Bäckån which lies between Uttersjöbäcken and lower Bäck.

Description: The nine-kilometer long trail runs through woodland, by the sea, and along the beach at Bäckfjärden. The path ends at Risböle cowshed cottage.

Good to know: After half the route there is a windbreaker and opportunities for swimming at the vast sandy beach of Storsand.
Sights: The only remaining and renovated cattle shed with information about the cattle life at the end of the trail.

Responsible for the trail: Risböle village association
More information: www.skelleftea.se/vandring

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: Risböle Fäbodstig

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