Hiking - Storbäcksleden


Length : 6 kilometers 

Route: Östbäck - Ostvik

Start: At Östbäck, Ostvik, on the eastern side of Storbäcken or near the mouth of Storbäck in Ostviksfjärden.
Description: The trail follows Storbäcken.
Good to know: Along the trail there are a number of resting places, which means that you have many opportunities for coffee stops. For those who are disabled, it is possible to go directly to Storbäcken estuary in Ostviksfjärden where there is a custom fishing pier, barbecue area, and toilet. In the creek there are both pike and perch and in some years the fisheries association also plants out rainbow trout.

Attractions: Vallforsen at the northern part of the trail, Ostvik's mill, and Ostträsket with its rich birdlife.

Responsible for the trail: Ostviks & Östanbäcks Village Association.

Map: Storbäcksleden

All hiking trails:  Skellefteå Kommun

More information: www.skelleftea.se/vandring


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Hikingcard: Come out into nature this summer! There are 16 hiking trails to choose from in our beautiful municipality.

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