Fishing in Burträsket


Both the association and Skellefteå municipality work actively to improve the opportunities and accessibility to nature, outdoor life and fishing. Here is one of a few gold grains in the municipality of Skellefteå that is suitable for all ages and especially for the fishing-interested family.

On the west side of Burträsket in connection with Burträsk church and Burträsk camping there is a nice area that is well suited for a fishing excursion. From land, there are many easily accessible places to fish between the marina and Smedjeholmen. It is easy to combine fishing with other outdoor activities as Burträsk swimming area with barbecue area. Toilets are nearby. The local fishing association has rental boats available from Burträsk camping.

Information about the Bure River upper fishing area and their fishing license for those who cannot solve the Youth Fishing License can be found here:

Fishing - not part of the Right of Public Access

Thanks to the Right of Common we can move relatively freely in nature as long as we follow the words - Do not disturb - do not destroy. For many, fishing is a natural part of outdoor life, but it is important to remember that fishing is not part of the Right of Public Access.

Freefishing on the coast

Fishing on the coast and in the sea is free of charge and you do not need a fishing license to fish on the coast. But there may be fishing rules that you must follow. National fishing regulations such as the Marine and Water Authority set for coastal fishing can be found here:

Fishing in private waters and in fishing areas

In many of the other lakes in Skellefteå municipality, you may be required to release a fishing license to get fishing. For these waters, it is the local fishery conservation area associations that sell the fishing license and which determine the local fishing regulations that apply when fishing. Fishing rules are in place to ensure that we do not catch too much fish so that we can all in the future enjoy the pleasure of fine fishing waters. Fishing license can also be bought at Skellefteå Tourist Centre.

Solve the Youth Fishing License and let the family discover new fishing waters at your home

With the Youth Fishing Card you who are under 16 can fishin hundreds of fishing waters within the municipality of Skellefteå, you can solve the card for free at Skellefteå Tourist Office or online via the link

The Youth Fishing Card is a collaboration with a number of local fishery conservation area associations, which is abbreviated Fvo. Remember to find out and follow the local fishing regulations for the different fishery conservation areas.

Here you will find all information about the Youth Fishing License:

You can redeem the youth fishing license free of charge at Skellefteå Tourist Center or online here:


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It is easily accessible with parking nearby and barbecue area / shelter where you can prepare food as well as tables for eating outdoors. In several of the places there is also dry toilet / outdoor gas and the possibility of renting a boat. All of these fishing waters are also included in the Youth Fishing Card - Skellefteå, which means that family members under 16 who solve this free fishing license get free fishing!

In Skellefteå, nature is always close and for the fishing enthusiast there are hundreds of fine fishing waters to visit within the municipality's borders. We have collected tips on some fishing places that are perfect for a short day outing with the family where fishing is a destination, or as a stop on the way for those who are out on a slightly longer home run.