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Skellefteå Canoe center


Skellefteå Canoe center is located at Sunnanå on the southside of the Skellefteriver, a short walk from the city center. Starting your paddling at Storholmen, in the middle between Lejonströmsbron and Parkbron means thay you have good opportunities to choose how far and long you want to be out paddling, 

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Contact information

Brinkvägen 21
93164 Skellefteå
Phone: +46-703970097


Opening hours

  1. Today08:00-23:00
  2. Friday08:00-23:00
  3. Saturday08:00-23:00
  4. Sunday08:00-23:00
  5. Monday08:00-23:00
  6. Tuesday08:00-23:00
  7. Wednesday08:00-23:00

Price information

We have diffrent models of kayaks and Canadians, same price for all of them.

350 sek /4 hour

500 sek/all day

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Central Skellefteå, Sunnanå at Brinkvägen 21.