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Gåsören is a small island in the Gulf of Bothnia about 1.5 miles from Skellefteå. It was a lighthouse station since 1881, pilot site 1904-1967 and is today a nice excursion destination during the summers.Come to Gåsören and experience Skellefteå's archipelago and see another side of Skellefteå. Here you can have a moment of relaxation and enjoy the summer.


We pick you up and your guests in Skellefteå and go to Skelleftehamn by coach or car. The journey takes approx 15-20 minutes. In Skelleftehamn we board the Wågabåten, an old ferry boat, which takes us out to Gåsören (the tour takes about 15 minutes). In bad weather, we go by sea taxi.

Once at Gåsören, we offer lunch cooked over an open fire. We either eat inside an old fishing village outdoors, depending on the weather.

After lunch we take a short guided tour of the old lighthouse,the lot house and the booths. Of course, if guests want to roam freely and discover the surroundings on their own. Coffee with something good to be served after the guided tour.

On the island there is a sauna so why not take a dip in the sea and then into the heat.

When we feel satisfied, we go back to town and the hotel.

Price information

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Cost SEK 875 / person including VAT. The cost includes transport to Skellefteå, boat trip, lunch, coffee and guided tour on Gåsören. At least 5 people.


The Goose's old lighthouse with its buildings is owned and managed by the Swedish Cross Club's Bottom Bay circuit. If you want to rent a place in Lotshuser, there are rental conditions and other information on the website, read here