Swedish Lapland - the land of the midnight sun

Skellefteå is a small and friendly town located far up in northern Scandinavia, right on the very edge of the magical region known as Swedish Lapland. Swedish Lapland is one of Europe’s last remaining wildernesses where dense forests and roaring rivers provide a wonderful backdrop to exciting activities and sights, warm and friendly locals, and a fascinating history and culture.
Everywhere in Swedish Lapland nature is just around the corner and easily accessible for fantastic wilderness experiences. During the summer months the midnight sun ensures round-the-clock daylight, while in the winter the amazing northern light brightens otherwise dark skies.


Day one is arrival day and when you land on Skellefteå airport we will welcome you at the airport and a private coach transfer will take you and your friends to your choosen hotel approx. 20 minutes.
Welcome drink and greetings at hotel and relax before dinner. 

River rafting
To truly feel and understand the power behind Swedish Laplands rivers, your have to get a little wet. The Byske river is an untouched river that runs from the mountains down to the Baltic sea.

At the last part, close to the coast. There are tours with different difficulty level, from small rapids to big challenges in the white waters of the bigger rapids. The longer tour, Kaxturen, give participants the option to swim through the Kaxfallet canyon and jump from the cliffs.

Other possibilities are to take a calm canoeing trip

A journey through time and local histoory

A guided tour in Bonnstan, an old church town dating back to the 17th century, and get to know the many stories behind this fascinating place. Bonnstan is situated in one of Sweden's best preserved cultural areas and is the perfect place to experience some of the local and cultural traditions of Skellefteå and Swedish Lapland.

Wildernessday in Svansele 

Svansele Wilderness Center is the perfect place for a whole range of exciting summer activities, all with the fantastic backdrop of deep Nordic forests and quiet wilderness.

Guided tour in the exhibition 

The wilderness exhibition, containing 680 taxidermied animals from the local fauna. All displayed in their natural surroundings in 11 rooms with different themes

Moose safari 

After a hearty breakfast it is time for a moose tracking safari on quad bikes. The beautiful wilderness around Skellefteå is home to a particularly large and robust breed of moose who truly is the king of the forest. During the safari we make a stop in the forest to enjoy absolute silence and a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Let's catch the big one

After enjoying a dinner of authentically northern dishes cooked on the camp fire we set off on a fishing expedition. As it never gets dark during the summer in Swedish Lapland it is a wonderful way to spend an evening out in the wilderness. On returning to the camp we round off the day by settling in by the warming fire for some storytelling about life and customs in Swedish Lapland.

Time to say goodbye

After breakfast at the wilderness camp the group will drive the quad-bikes back to The Wilderness Center where a coach will be waiting to take them back back to Skellefteå.

In Skellefteå the group will have the opportunity to freshen up at before enjoying a final lunch together.

Departure from Skellefteå Airport

High up in the tree tops 

At Skellefteå Adventure Park you will try to overcome high altitudes in beautiful sourroundings. Climbing the high-rope course will give you an adrenaline rush, it's a challenge that will test the limits! It is a fun combination of climbing and adventure where everyone can find your suitably exciting challenge. You will move between platforms along a tracks at various levels with obstacles which offer different challenges: balancing, climbing, jumping and coordination. You can find easy courses at low altitude with simple obstacles, or you can try really breathtaking physical and mental test of strength in the black track of up to 12 meters. It’s 6 high-rope tracks with 52 obstacles on the way.

Contact information

Vida Nord AB

Contact: Stina Renström
Phone: +46-705875427

E-mail: stina.renstrom@vidanord.se
Website: www.vidanord.se

Opening hours

Best from May until middle of september.

Price information

Approximate price for this program including all meals, activities, accomodation and transfer is from 12 180 SEK includning VAT/pax. (based on 10 pax) No alcoholic beverages are included.


The minimum of people is 10 people. The price can change depeding in quantity of participant.

Including in this package is;
Clothes for the activities
Safety instructions andhelmets for driving quad and river rafting.
Sll transfers is included and it is private
All meals, from breakfast to dinner and Swedish fika
Gear for fishing

If you want to have more information about this trip, don't hesitate to contact us.