JP Nyströms

Västerbottensteatern, Skellefteå
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1977 was the year Jimmy Carter took the oath of office. And when the Rote Arme Fraktion did not ravage, the media attention was directed towards the Geijer affair. In the cabins, they went to the Star Wars premiere and found that the EPA changed its name to Tempo. But up in Gällivare-Malmberget, some teenagers were forming a band. They played traditional songs and songs from Norrbotten and their hallmark was an old pedal organ by the brand JP Nyströms.

Today - over 40 years later - the folk music group JP Nyströms has played thousands of concerts and toured all over the world. Despite the pandemic, stroke, tinnitus and grandchildren, the same boys, men and old men stubbornly continue to play the music that gripped them already as children and which then staked out life. JP Nyström's orchestra is still Göran Eriksson, Markus Falck, Svante Lindqvist and Mats Olausson.

A concert with JP also belongsthe narrative. Exciting, gory but also serious stories that frame the music have over the years become something of the band's hallmark. And maybe some of you heard Svante Lindqvist's high-profile summer talk on SR /P1 in August?

At the Storytelling Festival 2020, the group is also up to date with the edition "A box JP" - a collective edition with previously unreleased material. Live concerts, TV and radio programs, studio recordings and interviews, etc. through 40 years. All gathered in a luxury box for nerds containing 1 LP, 2 CDs, 2 DVDs and a book. The box can also be seen as a folk music account of more than 4 decades of playing. JP Nyström's Orchestra 1977 - 2020 - Now it begins!

Festival club all evening with serving until 23.00.

NOTE! Replaces previously announced program with Folkmusikgruppen WAO.
Part of the Storytelling Festival.
Organizer: Nordic Storytelling Center in collaboration with Skellefteå Chamber Music Association.
Producer: Norrlandsoperan Musik.
15Oct 19:30 - 23:00 Västerbottensteatern

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Västerbottensteatern AB
Nordlandergatan 1
Phone: +46-910715600

Organizer: Västerbottensteatern


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Word price: 180 kr


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