Småstaden, the soil for the perfect rock song

Nordanå Teater, Skellefteå
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Småstaden, the soil for the perfect rock song

Music journalist and music archaeologist LP Anderson has for many years visited everything from caravan campsites on the outskirts of California, the former East Germany, smaller English towns and Glommersträsk. Always looking for an artist with a few recordings from the 70's and 80's who then fell into oblivion. Not infrequently, they get a second chance through LP's re-releases. This is his story.
LP Anderson is a music journalist born in 1968. After his own music career in the bands Cry and Royal Beat Conspiracy, he has worked as a journalist for various magazines, mainly the Swedish music magazine Sonic magazine.

Anderson has many projects underway. He has made a series of well-attended appearances at libraries, mainly in the Gothenburg area, where he talked about different styles of music and its roots.

For about ten years nowhe International Representative at the German record company Bear Family Records - a company that is sometimes described as the record industry's equivalent of Rolls Royce. For just over a year now, he has been running his own record company that specializes in re-releasing older recordings of smaller bands. Bands that usually only had time to release a self-produced vinyl single in a few hundred copies before they fell into oblivion. The reissues have received the highest marks in both the foreign press and in Aftonbladet and by Dagens Industri Weekend.

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