Lecture with the artist Linda Tedsdotter


The artist Linda Tedsdotter (b. 1975) often works site-specifically where her art is in some way related to the place and the context of which it is a part. She is currently working on the exhibition Untitled at the Gothenburg Art Museum, which shows her artistic process "Apocalypse Insurance - Gardening", which began just before the Covid-19 pandemic began.

A project that started with being a fun idea to "prep" with knowledge about cultivation that developed so that the artist seriously prepared for possible food sanctions. Linda Tedsdotter sees herself as a prepper artist, she imagines future scenarios and what she may need to survive them, and then makes works of art that in various ways will help her get through these dystopian times.

Tedsdotter was born in Laisvall and educated at Valand Art Academy (1996 - 2001) and works in addition to her artistic activities as a teacher at Dômen Art School and as a freelance curator.

Location: Hallen, Nordanå

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