TEMPORARILY CLOSED! Stina Wollter - It concerns me

Museum Anna Nordlander, Skellefteå

Temporarily closed!

Stina Wollter has worked as an artist for four decades. MAN collects a selection of her works in the exhibition Det rör mig in the form of photography, painting, sculpture and video. The body is the focus when Stina Wollter visits Skellefteå.

Stina Wollter stands up for every person's right to feel safe in themselves and in their own body. Through her active work in, among other things, social media, she inspires thousands of people with her strategies for resistance and survival.

"Self-creation can arouse more people to want to create, and since creation is a vaccine against powerlessness, it can be the beginning of change in a larger perspective."

Tributes, hatred, headlines, but above all a versatile and engaging artistry - Stina Wollter leaves no one indifferent.