Christmas market Nordanå 2021

Nordanå, Skellefteå

Welcome to this years Christmas market at Nordanå! ūüéĄ

For many years now, the traditional Christmas market on Nordanå has been a well-publicized destination. Thanks to the market's sales people and their craftsmanship, handicraft skills and innovative designs, together we can offer you a market with high quality and a genuine feeling.

In addition to fantastic creations from local craftsmen, we also offer a lot of activities - both in the area and inside the main building.

Program for the stage at Nyborg
11.00 The market is inaugurated by museum director Fabian Arnheim. He then hands over to this year´s host Vilgot Paulsen – actor at Västerbottensteatern. Local historian Ulf Lundström talks about the markets older roots

12.00 Christmas magic

13.00 Dancing around the Christmas tree with Guldstalaget 

13.30 Mulled wine tasting

14.00 Dance performed by Skellefteå Dance & Ballet Association under the direction of Malin Molin

14.50 A jury selects this years market stall

15.00 Dancing around the Christmas tree with Guldstalaget 

16.00 The market closes

More on the outdoor area
11.00–16.00 The exhibition ”Handicraft” at Handens Hus

11.00–16.00 The smithy is open

11.00–16.00 Skellefteå FF is selling burgers 

12.00–14.00 Pony riding with the trotting school Skellefteåtravet (It costs 40 kr per turn)

11.00–16.00 Lanthandeln café and shop is open

11.00–16.00 The restaurant Nordanågården is open

11.00–16.00 The bakery is open – bread for sale outdoors!

12.00–15.00 The pop-up choir Kvittra is singing Christmas carols and folk songs 

In the main building
11.00–16.00 The café is open and brings you music from the café scene 

11.30–12.30 Saga Eserstam och Hans Eriksson

12.30–13.30 Folk duo Johannes Svedberg (bass, ukulele) and Jörgen Svedberg (violin, harp)

13.30–15.00 Troubadour Markus & Friends 

12.00–16.00 The Christmas workshop. Make your own Christmas cards and write withlists for Santa. Forskarrum Nordanå

Pågående utställningar på Skellefteå museum
- Christmas Town (Julstaden)
- Small! Then! (Små! Då!)
- WOOD! (TRÄ!)
- Roman costumes – roman history (Romska dräkter – romsk historia)
- Barnsia – the local historical play and learning environment for childen ages 0-6

The Meijercollection is open

Program with reservation for changes. 

Limited space in the area. We refer to parking outside the area. Large crowds make it partly inaccessible for wheelchairs. Slippery walkways may occur. 

Welcome to enjoy the Christmas spirit at Nordanå!

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