Experience Svansele's Wilderness Camp and get a real wilderness experience

Svansele, Norsjö

On snowmobile sleds, you are transported up to the Wilderness Camp a few kilometers outside the village of Svansele. The camp is lit by over 100 lit torches and it is an almost magical atmosphere

The guide prepares dinner which is our famous Wilderness Plate up in the Camp and the guests eat the food on our homemade wooden plates

Hot tubs and saunas are warm for our guests to enjoy an evening out in our wilderness.

You sleep on reindeer skins in sleeping bags and you choose a person that take care of the fire during the night.

The next day, the guide will pick you up to go to an exhibition where a breakfast buffet is served

The price includes:

• Food
• Guide
• Overnight stay in the Camp
• Bath and sauna
• Swimwear and winter clothes
• Transport to the Camp
• Breakfast buffet
• Firewood


The price applies to 10 people

Add additional people: Contact us for more info

Bookable times: Every day
The price applies to:
WEEK 45-49 AND WEEK 51

Book or get more info:
+46 (0) 915 - 210 03

Contact information

Svansele Vildmarkscenter
AC 846, 936 93 Boliden
Contact: Jenny Bergqvist
Phone: +46-91521003

E-mail: info@svansele.com

Opening hours

Bookable times: Every day
The offer is valid
WEEK 45-49 AND WEEK 51


Our first and largest facility is located in the middle of the pine forest a few kilometers west of Svansele. For the wilderness camp you can book fun activities, baths and saunas and have space for 116 sleepers distributed in large cabins and small cottages. The wilderness camp has no electricity or tap water and as a light source we have a total of over 100 flares placed along the paths which gives a magical atmosphere when the night comes.

End the evenings with a wood-fired sauna and bath, try the wooden slide, both winter and summer friendly it takes you down to a hot tub next to the river where you can then take a swim.

The river is warm and comfortable in summer, cold and refreshing in winter.

The wilderness camp is one of our unique wilderness facilities and is booked only upon request.