Jakob Hellman

Sara Kulturhus, Skellefteå

So Much Better-current Jakob Hellman is going on a big tour in the autumn of 2021 . He takes with him his Norrbotten colleague and friend Mattias Alkberg, one of the country's most productive and critically acclaimed artists. Mattias is in our current with a new record and also sings on Hellman's new album. They will make the tour premiere together at Sara Kulturhus on October 6, 2021.

Jakob Hellman came from nowhere and changed everything. In any case, if by "nowhere" you mean the small northern village of Vuollerim and by "everything" you mean the direction for Swedish-language pop music. Jakob Hellman broke through with a bang in 1989 when his debut album "… and the big sea" was released. Songs like "Be friends" and "She has a way" introduced a new way of writing songs in Swedish, with its wordy lyrics and an expression consisting of equal parts naivety and melancholy.

With his "… and the big sea", Jakob Hellman wrote both about the rules of the game for Swedish pop andhimself in the history books. Kent, Håkan Hellström and Veronica Maggio are all artists who are hard to imagine without the doors Jakob Hellman's debut album opened. The album is repeatedly listed as one of the best ever when the country's music history is to be summarized. But it also became his only.

The myths surrounding Jakob Hellman and where he took the road after the big breakthrough are many. Despite his short career, Jakob Hellman is one of Swedish pop history's most beloved and missing artists. Now it's time for a new story. The story The Artist Who Disappeared has now been changed to The Artist who returned when Jakob Hellman finally recorded his second album. It's finally named Gone. A collection of songs that contain a whole life. About aging. About applying. About finding one's place in the world. Or not. The life that came. Life that went by. Finally gone.

Tickets will be released on November 30 at 10:00 on unitedstage.se

The organizer of the concert is Programbolaget.

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