Moved forward to the autumn - Done! (instead of set)


Moved forward to the autumn

Done! (instead of set)
A performance in the wake of the corona crisis.

A musical performance with the duo, André and Lina

André is known from Contex and Lina was at our last Member Meeting in January and Johan Normér plays guitar

It will be a mixture of music, kåserier, anecdotes with a small twinkle in the eye.

Participants: André Malmén, Lina Wretman and Johan Normén

Organizer: Skellefteå National Theater Association

You can buy tickets at Kansliet Skeppargatan 11B phone: 0910-125 03

Skellefteå Tourist Centers phone: 0910-45 25 15 or

15May 15:00 - 16:15

Contact information

Skeppargatan 11B
Contact: Skellefteå Riksteaterförening
Phone: +46-91012503

Organizer: Skellefteå Riksteaterförening

E-mail: skelleftea.teaterforening@t...

Price information

Price: SEK 210 Youth / students: SEK 150 Stage pass: - SEK 50