The life box


❤️ We have put together a box with basic goods from our producers here in the north so we try to support them, give ourselves an opportunity to cope with this crisis and above all make sure that absolutely no one is without food because you do not want /should go shopping in stores right now.
❤️ Everyone wins is our thought!

❤️ Every week there is milk, butter, cream, cheese, natural yoghurt, eggs, ham, soft and hard bread, coffee, juice, carrots, onions, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and pasta.
It also comes with 2 different proteins in the form of ground beef, salmon, falu sausage, chicken etc. These are varied to also fit in with the, for the week, ready-made dishes you can buy if you want! All this for SEK 749 including transport within central Skellefteå and all the way out to wonderful Skelleftehamn!

❤️ Our plus menu consists of the above-mentioned ready-made dishes, the fruit bag, homemade coffee in a thousand varieties and homemade bread! See our website forcurrent content every week!

❤️ Order Tuesdays before 12:00 and you will have your Lifebox on Thursdays after lunch!

❤️ For booking and more info call 070-3200777

Our motto is to keep your head cool, your heart warm and your hands clean!

Contact information

S:t Örjansvägen 8
Contact: Kicki Bridges & Nina Åkerström
Phone: +46-703200777
Mobile: +46-767773319