Moose safari & wilderness exhibition (4h event).

Svansele, Skellefteå

The most requested of our activities is Moose safari from snowmobile.

The guide will welcome the guests lead them to the changing room and the guest will get warm clothing. We will go thru the forest in snowmobilesled around Svansele and look for animals, if we are lucky maybe see the moose in the wild. We will also take a short stop by Svansele flowing-watermeadow and the guide will tell you about this special place.

While the guide is cooking lunch by the fire you have the possibility to take a walk thru our unique exhibition with 683 wild animals in 11 different rooms that looks, smells and feels like the wild. After that the lunch will be ready to serve. The food that will be served is our famous wilderness plate wich icludes meat from the raindeer, the moose and trout. The meat is served with potatoes, onion, carrots and our secret jam made of herbs and berries from the forest.

For booking: Minimum 4 persons
Children 6 - 12 years 670 SEK
FR. 1340 KR

Contact information

AC 846, 936 93 Boliden
Contact: Jenny Bergqvist
Phone: +46-91521003


Opening hours

Open all year round against booking.


  • Open all year round