Kluredo - a virtual murder mystery


Put on your detective hat and play our virtual Murder Mystery. The ticket is valid for 1-4 people and you choose whether you want to do it on Saturday or Sunday.
It can most easily be described as a mix of a great Cluedo and Pokémon Go. The success from last year comes back and you who did not participate get the chance again. It's the same murder mystery with Glenndale.

A quiet outdoor walking activity. You work in small teams of 2-4 people and you use our own Kluredo app to navigate. You will collaborate with your friends, look for virtual witnesses and solve puzzles and challenges together.
All to eliminate both suspects and murder weapons to crack the case and expose the killer. 16 witnesses and 6 possible murder weapons. You compete against all other teams participating at the same time in your city these days. Most points win!

We suggest that you dress up to look like real detectives and get in the right mood. (To dressout is not mandatory).

Can your team of detectives solve the murder mystery and crack the case?

So Detective, hurry up! Buy your ticket today and do not miss the most fun day you can have with your friends all year round!

NOTE! The start time is optional between 10-15 and the event ends at 18.00 The ticket is valid for either May 29 or May 30.

Book online
29May 10:00 - 18:00
30May 10:00 - 18:00

Contact information

Contact: Mordmysterium
Phone: +46-708514615

Organizer: Mordmysterium Sverige AB

E-mail: info@mordmysterium.se
Website: https://www.mordmysterium.s...