Nature walk in Marranäsvältan, Fällfors

934 61 Fällfors, Skellefteå

Note! In Swedish! 

Come along and experience Marranäsvältan - one of Europe's largest sand canyons, experience the strange Hästskotjärnen, walk on the pine heath and look out over the nipan. Hear the story of the great man Olof Andersson, also called Tåmefursten, who left his mark in the area around Byske during the 16th century before he was finally sentenced to death and eventually ended up as a statue in Fällfors.

The trip is about 4 km and begins with a steep climb on sandy ground. If the water level in Byskeälven does not allow us to follow the trail around the pond, we may need to shorten the trip a bit. We pause at Marranäsvältan and have coffee. Coffee and snacks included. Bring plenty of water, shoes that can withstand moisture, mosquito repellent and preferably a magnifying glass.

Your guide is Åsa Lindström Öberg.

24Jun 19:00

Contact information

Eventets adress: Skolgatan 15
934 61 Fällfors
Contact: Åsa Lindström Öberg
Phone: +46-761341014

Organizer: Ravelbit AB


Price information

Cost: SEK 250, coffee and snacks included. Pensioners SEK 200 and children 13-16 years SEK 150. NOTE! Age limit 13 years.

Tickets are sold at Skellefteå Tourist Center tel. 0910-452515 and online at Ticketmaster.
When purchasing at Ticketmaster, a service fee will be added.

NOTE! At least 8 people per turn and the current upper limit for the number of participants is 8 people.
Age limit 13 years.

NOTE! Ticket sales stop at 12.00 the same day as the event.


The participant participates at their own risk.

Accessibility is limited due to the design of the trail.


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Collection in the car park at Fällforsskolan former Coordinates SWEREF 99 TM N 7235006, E 771456 WGS84 65 ° 7'35.2 "N 20 ° 47'24.7" E