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93130 Skellefteå, Skellefteå

What is a classic?

Nice and ugly, ugly is nice and up is also down if you hang in the creases from a branch.

In Piano Classics with Norrdans, Martin Forsberg and Rebecka Berchtold examine taste and aesthetics. On the stage; an international ensemble and a classical pianist. It will be danced to the most fragmented repertoire in all seriousness. For Elise, The Moonlight Sonata, Aria from the Goldberg Variations.

The music and dance meet a text stream written by dancer Rebecka Berchtold.

We promise high and low, music and dance history, beautiful and ugly in a tribute mix.

Norrdans mixes and gives an anarchist Danish carnival.


Choreographer, set designer, costume design : Martin Forsberg

Text : Rebecka Berchtold

Piano : Julia Sjöstedt

Lighting design : Jonatan Windo

Dramaturgy :Alexandra Loonin

Dancers : Rebecka Berchtold, Sam Huczkowiski, Jande Stenhuijs, Nastina Ivanova,

Seung Hwan Lee, Chang Leo Liu, Jonathan Starr, Alban Ovanessian.

Photographer : Lia Jacobi

Performance length: 1 hour

Price: SEK 150 Youth / students: SEK 100

Organizer : Skellefteå National Theater Association

You can buy tickets at Kansliet Skeppargatan 11B

phone 0910-12503, Skellefteå Tourist Center phone 0910-45 25 15 or Tickster.com

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09Nov 19:00 - 20:00

Contact information

Skeppargatan 11 B
93130 Skellefteå
Phone: +46-91012503

Organizer: Skellefteå Riksteaterförening

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Price information

Price: SEK 150 Youth / students: SEK 100