Skellefteå FF arranges Norrland's coolest beach event, Skellefteå Outdoor Beach Soccer. One of Sweden's largest beach tournaments.

Location: Bovikens Havsbad, Skellefteå

Date: 9- 11 July.

Classes: Women's, men's, exercise and youth classes for those born 2004-2012 and Kids Beach for children born 2013-2014.

Admission: Free

Registration: Via the button further down. Note that we have different fee phases. Early registration = make money.

Skellefteå Outdoor Beach Soccer is a beach party for everyone who likes football, summer and beach. In addition to beach football, there will be a number of fun activities and challenges on the program. Come and enjoy the good atmosphere and fantastic beach days.

Scheduled game days

We intend to divide the classes on specified playing days. Subject to deviation:

Mr. & Mrs.- July 9-10
Motion- 10-11July
Youth-July 9-11
Kids Beach- 11: ejuli

A fantastic beach party that you want to be a part of!