The Who

Stage 1, Sara Kulturhus, Skellefteå


The whole ensemble has really looked forward to performing this show, but the current covid restrictions do not make it possible to carry out the tour this spring, so we are therefore forced to put the whole project on hold for the time being.

We really regret this. An intensive job has been done with scripts, rehearsals and pre-production, and both actors and technical staff have done their utmost to make this an unforgettable performance.

However, we hope to return with the show, possibly in a slightly different form, when the pandemic with associated restrictions has subsided and our industry has hopefully normalized. Next year means both the 50th anniversary of The Who's rock musical "Quadrophenia" at the same time as their first rock musical "Tommy" goes up on Broadway in New York again.

We are very grateful that you bought a ticket to the show, and regret once again - deeply - that we have to cancel the tour. However, we hope that you will be interested when we, in the not too distant future, come again with this Swedish tribute tour to one of the world's largest rock bands - The Who.

We are all in this situation together, so in the words of Pete Townsend; "Join Together".

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A Swedish tribute to one of the world's biggest rock bands! Parts from the rock musicals Tommy and Quadrohpenia and music from their entire repertoire from 1964 onwards, as well as the almost unlikely story of the Who.

On stage:

Mats Ronander, Lagaylia and Janne Åstrom together with a 6-man band.

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