Exclusive tasting menu on the island of Pite-Rönnskär

Pite-rönnskär, Skellefteå
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It heats up properly and sweet aromas spread all over the island and out over the sea when the Wild Chef, Erik Brännström masters fine ingredients in our outdoor kitchen on Pite-Rönnskär.
Exclusive dishes are served that breathe the archipelago and where seafood is the watchword. Everything cooked outdoors through Erik's cooking technique so-called "Cavemanstyle". You get to go on a taste journey where each dish gets the little extra from fire, smoke and coal, and which will lift you to a new level ...

Welcome to book these evenings with the package that suits you best.
Accommodation package from 1795 SEK per person
incl. tasting menu, boat transfer, accommodation, breakfast, and final cleaning
Food & boat trip from 1190 SEK per person
Incl. tasting menu and boat transfer
Tasting menu from: SEK 995 per person
Beer & wine rights
Beverage packages are available to pre-order or buy on site.
Live music
Emailyour booking to:
Limited number of seats.

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16Jul 18:00 - 22:00 Pite-rönnskär
30Jul 18:00 - 22:00 Pite-rönnskär

Contact information

93047 Kinnbäck, Skellefteå
Phone: +46-725433011

Organizer: Kinnbäck Skärgårdsturism

E-mail: info@kinnbackskargard.se
Website: https://kinnbackskargard.se/