Drop-in 2021 in Svansele


During the summer, we are open for drop-in daily from 28 June - until 15 August, between 11-18. Gather family or friends and enjoy the environments in the wilderness exhibition, Sweden's largest game collection.

The wilderness plate can be eaten from about 11:30, if you order at 11 o'clock in connection with the entrance to the Wilderness Exhibition, last time for ordering the wilderness plate is 16:30. The wilderness exhibition is open between 11:00-18:00 daily. Our main course is "the wilderness plate" which consists of moose meat, reindeer meat, fish, potatoes, onions and vegetables. Norrland raw materials as a base. Of course, bread, drinks and coffee are included. With us, you eat until you are full and then a little more if you want.

We also offer side activities such as ax throwing, lasso and arrow blowing / throwing.

A guide film approx. 30 minutes rolling all day. Visit our unique exhibition of 1800 m² with over 600 animals mounted in a natural way in rooms that look, feel and even smell like the wilderness. Old weapons, floating era, miniature rapids, fishing and much more!

Before our opening of this summer's Drop-in in the Wilderness Exhibition, we will, like last year, take several precautionary measures.
-Among other things, we have sharpened and expanded our cleaning routines further. Above all, we prioritize the cleaning of contact surfaces such as card terminals, door handles, crockery, keys, light buttons, toilets, etc.
-We provide hand alcohol, disposable gloves and the like.
-Closed off table
-We have taken precautionary measures to avoid the risk of infection spreading with congestion in premises and queues, both indoors and outdoors.
-More info about our Corona-adapted business will be on Facebook.

At present, our ambition is that we can open up the Wilderness Center as usual, but with the adaptations described above. If we receive new directives from authorities or have to make a different assessment, we are prepared and willing to take action. We will update our guests regularly about any changes to our website and social media.
Of course, we also want to take our responsibility during the summer and will therefore remind people of our restrictions and to keep their distance during their visit. We want to experience this summer with you and make everyone feel safe with us.


Sweden's largest game collection in an exhibition of 1800 m² divided into 11 rooms and 683 animals!