Geological hiking with Christina Wanhainen

Bjuröklubb Nature Reserve, Skellefteå

Join ore professor and "stone doctor" Christina Wanhainen on an exciting hike in Bjuröklubb. According to Christina, the nature reserve is one of the coolest places in northern Sweden in terms of bedrock geology. Large areas of gneissiga rocks lying in the open day, are among what makes Bjuröklubb unique. Christina works everyday as a professor in Ore Geology, Earth Sciences and Environmental Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering and Natural Resources, Luleå University of Technology.

Time and place: Kl. 10.00 gathering at Café Fyren Bjuröklubb. The hike ends with coffee and a sandwich at Café Fyren by Bjuröklubbs Fyr.

Cost: SEK 100 incl. coffee and sandwich.