Favorite-in-replay "Rent your own summer cottage this summer!"

LÖVÅNGER, Skellefteå

When the world is upside down, it makes sense to stay in Sweden.

"Go to the summer cottage," say the experts. But what do you do if you do not have a summer cottage? You rent one of course. But where can you get a charming, unique, red cottage with yellow doors? Preferably with just enough and nice neighbors? Preferably without the need to repaint the façade, repair the gutter or mow the grass yourself. Preferably close to water, shops, restaurant and evening entertainment in the evenings?

We know where; in Lövånger; located between Umeå and Skellefteå, only 5 km to the sea, 600 meters to the E4 and in just the right harmony to have a quiet and pleasant holiday.

In the summer of 2021, Lövånger Kyrkstad runs a favorite replay from last year, when the corona still keeps us in an iron grip.

We keep the same super offer for the opportunity to rent your own summer cottage this summer. We have offers for both monthly rentand weekly rent.

Each cottage is unique and all cottages have their own small kitchen, private bathroom and private entrance. That they were all built as early as the 18th century, inherited for generations and belong to one of the world's best preserved church towns. Yes, that's just a big plus on the edge.

Lövångergården offers breakfast, lunch and dinner (and of course waffles from our Waffle Cottage) between 8-22 every day of the week (14 /6-15 /8). Lövångergården's kitchen is a popular place, where we place high focus on good and good food and drink. Only with meat and chicken from Sweden and very much locally produced.

Varying events every Wednesday-Sunday, with everything from family tours, to music quizzes or storytelling performances are some of the things that happen with us this summer.

Eager for nature or other attractions, just rent our bikes and cycle out to sea, 5 km to Munkviken or 20 km toBjuröklubb, are both worthy day trips that you do not want to miss. In addition, we have Gärdefjärden's refurbished nature reserve as our nearest neighbor. It is also a destination not to be missed.

Peace and quiet, beautiful evenings on our newly built terrace - "Solsidan", to then trudge home to your own little summer cottage. That is what Lövånger Kyrkstad can offer you this summer.

Welcome here!

See our special prices as below:

1-bed cottage: SEK 3990 /month or SEK 1500 /week

2-bed cottage: SEK 6990 /month or SEK 2,500 /week

3-bed cottage: SEK 9490 /monthalt 3750: - /week

4-bed cottage: 11990: - /month or 5000: - /week

Better prices and a more unique and charming cottage are hard to come by.

Book your cottage now from us at Lövångergården so as not to miss the chance to get hold of one of these fantastic cottages:

0913-102 03 /bokning@lovangergarden.se

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