Horse racing SkellefteåTravet

Travbanan, Skellefteå

Now we open up to the public again on the horse racing days. However, with restrictions with a limited number of guests. 

Midsummer race 26 June first start 18.00
Trot July 11 first start at 11.00
Trot July 19 first start at 6.20 pm
Trot July 24 first start at 18.30
Trot July 30 first start at 5.45 pm
Trot August 9 first start at 18.30
Trot August 17 first start at 12.20
Trot 26 August first start at 12.20

All play now takes place online as the trot no longer has any cash. Prepare yourself by downloading the ATG app or taking up the atg page online.

09Aug 18:30 - 22:30
17Aug 12:20 - 15:00
26Aug 12:20 - 15:00

Contact information

Contact: Rigmor Berglund
Phone: +46-910711160

Organizer: SkellefteåTravet

E-mail: rigmor.berglund@skelleftea....


A maximum number of 600 people.

For restaurant seating, bookings are made via Skellefteåtravet's website on Tickster.

For the outdoor audience, tickets are available for purchase on-site at the entrance, payment is made via swish.