NVGF Tour 2021 MEN AND WOMEN, Single

Skellefteå Golf Club, Skellefteå

Registration no later than 2/8 at 9.00

The start time will be adapted to the number of registered and travel times.

For a golf cart, a medical certificate is required and to book a car via the reception because GIT Competition and booking a golf cart does not always work.

No award ceremony on site, prizes are sent to the home club.

Payment must be made either via git or swish it will not be possible to pay by card cash or gift card at the club on the day of the game. There will be several swish signs posted with instructions on how to proceed. QR code and number to send to can be found on this. you show your payment if you paid via swish in connection with picking up your start card. gift cards may be redeemed as payment before the competition day. Thank you for showing consideration for the staff, the Competition Committee