Woodlife Sweden

South foyer, Skellefteå

Sweden has a long tradition of using nature's raw materials in community building. Not very surprising because the forest covers 70 percent of Sweden's area. Wood is a part of everyday life and contributes to human well-being.

The use of wood is also profoundly rooted in Swedish culture and has inspired many artists, writers, and artisans through the centuries. Architects, designers, and urban planners are used to combining innovation and experience based on cultural heritage and skills to create unique spaces and objects.

Woodlife Sweden puts the user of the built environment at the center. The visitor is taken on a journey through Sweden with its different climates and conditions - from city to country, and from small-scale to urban transformation projects.

A sustainable society also takes care of the forest as a renewable and living resource. In Sweden, the use of wood and forest has been protected by law since 1903, and when a tree is felled at least two are planted new ones. As a result, the Swedish forest is increasing in size at the same time as Sweden can continue to be a major supplier of wood products.

Most of the projects presented here are completed, some are on way up, while others at the moment are strong visions of a better future.

Welcome to Woodlife Sweden!

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