Taste Skellefteå


Visit some of Skellefteå's nicest eateries, the restaurants we will present shortly. In each place you get a taste of something good, you also have the opportunity to buy any drink.

Stay as long as you want
You may want to have something good to drink in one place and the next you take the flavored portion in your hand, sit outside or move on immediately. It is up to you to go in the order and pace you want.
Please note that tickets are only valid during event times. If you want to stay somewhere after the walk, talk to the staff.
Unfortunately, we can not guarantee a seat in all places. If it gets full in some place, the restaurant will refer you to the next place, to come back later, or offer a taste as a takeaway. The portions vary and we hope you get to experience a lot of good on the trip! If you want a vegetarian or vegan alternative, ask the staff. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that all places offer variations on the taste portions. Not adapting to allergies either, but ask when you are there and it is usually possible to arrange.
Adapted event based on the pandemic
Each restaurant takes responsibility for complying with current regulations and restrictions. All are served at seated tables. We want all participants to do their best to prevent the spread of infection.
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Price information

395 kr per person