Nordanå Teater, Skellefteå

A narrative performance about oppression and slavery that many people have been affected by through the history of themselves and their loved ones.
In January 2016, British actress and performance artist Selina Thompson boarded a cargo ship and relived one of the trade routes for the transatlantic slave triangle from Britain to Ghana, on to Jamaica and then back. Her memories, questions and sorrow took her across the sea and far back in time to find her way forward. In dialogue with her ancestors, she receives answers to questions that have characterized the family for generations.

Selina Thompson, who runs her own acclaimed performing arts company, offers a captivating presence and great acting art, and takes the audience on an unforgettable journey. A masterful piece of performing arts that touches deeply.

Salt is a guest play from England and is played in English and subtitled in Swedish.

18Nov 19:00 - 20:15 Nordanå Teater

Contact information

Contact: Maria Asserud
Phone: +46-705695632

Organizer: Västerbottensteatern


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Price information

SEK 200 ordinary

SEK 150 youth (up to 26 years) / stud


Cast: Selina Thompson