Floating and raft trails

Nordanå, Hörsalen, Skellefteå

Glimpses from a more than hundred-year history - in the Skellefteälven river and elsewhere.

The flotation was labor-intensive and employed many people, most of whom were seasonal small farmers and forest workers, young and old. The flotation profession was hard and dangerous and there were occasional accidents with drowning as a result, for example tearing down breakers was extra dangerous. But it was a free profession that for us today seems to have had a high status with a romantic shimmer, which the float Gösta "Snoddas" Nordgren with his song "Flottarkärlek may have contributed a lot to.

22Oct 10:00 - 12:00 Nordanå, Hörsalen

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Contact: Maria Asserud
Phone: +46-705695632

Organizer: Västerbottensteatern

E-mail: info@vasterbottensteatern.se

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Free admission but ticket required


Participants: Rolf Granstrand.