Iiris Viljanen at the Festival Club

Stage 2, Skellefteå

Iiris Viljanen is a lyricist and pianist like no other, highly acclaimed and acclaimed as a distinctive artist by both audiences and reviewers. Now the audience of the Storytelling Festival can meet her lyrics and music.

Iiris Viljanen's short stories from the different stages and situations of life, about everything from cat funerals to PMS, do not fail to touch anyone. She performs her poetry with both melancholy and beauty. All unique, while the audience can easily recognize themselves. Iiris has a gaze that captures what we others may see but does not always reflect on and an appeal that makes us listen. Or as Andres Lokko wrote in a review for Svenska Dagbladet: “Iiris Viljanen has a masterful and busy tone that suits her eager poetry. The voice, the Finnish-Swedish talk song (rather than regular rap), is a multi-faceted instrument with the ability to dramatically change the direction of music and the intentions of poetry withrazor-sharp and eye-catching theatrical clarity ".

Iiris has been playing the piano since she was little and played everything from jazz to classical. Over the years, she has developed a special style of play that is very rhythmic and emotional. Her plays and compositions have been said to resemble, among others, Keith Jarrett, Jan Johansson and Lars Gullin. In a review of the new record in Värmlands Folkblad, Björn Stefanson wrote: "She would be able to take out the compass direction for any jazz band and probably also rock the sequins by Elton John if needed".

The breakthrough came with the band Vasa's flora and fauna. In 2016, she made her solo debut with the instrumental album Kiss Me, Stupid & 7 More Solo Piano Pieces, as well as the mighty acclaimed pop album Mercedes. Four years later, she followed up with the album The Little Mermaid with guests such as the actor Stina Ekblad and Gustav Ejstes from Dungen.

Iiris Viljanen's gig is a partof Saturday's Festival Club. Pleasant company, good atmosphere and quality on stage. Welcome to hang out one evening, enjoy the entertainment and with serving of coffee, light refreshments and drinks at will.

The evening's second performance in the Festival Club is A snack with Frida Selander at 18.00-19.00.
NOTE! Separate tickets for the evening two performances, but feel free to take advantage of the package offer.

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23Oct 19:30 - 21:30 Stage 2

Contact information

Contact: Maria Asserud
Phone: +46-705695632

Organizer: Västerbottensteatern

E-mail: info@vasterbottensteatern.se

Price information

250 kr Iiris Viljanen Ordinarie

SEK 175 Iiris Viljanden Youth (up to 26 years) / stud

SEK 0 Frida Selander

Book both performances and keep your place at the Festival Club throughout the evening



Iiris Viljannen

Frida Selander, Robert Herrala