Stage 4, Skellefteå

Andreas "Hjelle" Hjelmér is the songwriter in the Malmö band Bäddat för Trubbel. He has managed to record three critically acclaimed solo albums where he interprets the present from his lookout tower in Teckomatorp.

Hjelle's stories constitute an almost lost art of storytelling in the current conversation. He draws the aspirations of the "ordinary man" similar to those we encounter in the English filmmaker Ken Loach's characters. The couple who wins or loses the love of their life at the local pizzeria, the monotony of paid work, where the heat that is generated is usually only enough for the pay weekend. Musically, Hjelle is often compared to his Skåne colleagues Wilmer X. The musical roots come from Dr Feelgood, Little Richards with a present aesthetic of the punk wave from Klippan.

Hjelle knows how to describe everyday life. The big in the small. Or the small in the big. The reality ”
Jonas Bark Sonic Magazine rating 8/10

"Severely swinging,wonderfully awkward pub rock on the punk bottom, brilliantly concise lyrics about universal everyday problems with a perfect balance between bottomless misery and great humor. ”
Håkan Steen Aftonbladet rating ++++

23Oct 21:00 - 22:00 Stage 4

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Contact: Maria Asserud
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Participants: Andreas "Hjelle" Hjelmér